Game Titles

The first flagship title from wildcat studio startup ProtoReality Games is announced on dateline Seven, and we proudly introduce:



DO119 is currently under development. It is:

A new way of mobile gaming and will be available on both the Apple IOS and Android platforms.

We are focused on the future capabilities of interaction and connection.

We have built a concept for a new immersive world with a rich engaging story.

We are creative, design led in our approach to the world we are building and the autonomous spaces contained within it.

Initially single player – DO119 quickly requires and becomes a multi-player engagement to expand your journey.

We are a game company first and foremost.


Welcome to Derivative Outstation 119.

A parallel metaverse where the integration of journey, entertainment, commerce, and communication take precedence. A world where your characters' growth fuels your passion for new, interesting and unique experiences, players will come together to unlock the story of a dystopian cityscape future.

Utilising highly immersive custom 3D graphics, with an original soundtrack produced by our in house music team, players will enjoy adventure, strategy, RPG and trading in one place.

Alongside the journey, we know the players will come for the game but stay for the social community that we will build around them. Autonomous spaces, with UGC and in conjunction with brand partnerships, will allow a new ecosystem to develop inside the game.


DO119 will use the state of the art tech to facilitate the in-game economy, transactions, player mod's, and access to the autonomous spaces.

April 2022 pre alpha gameplay demo

A sneak peak at some early gameplay from our upcoming flagship mobile game.