PRGC Token

PRGC Token


Official PRG / PRGC Token Whitepaper


We have chosen to use the Solana blockchain to power our games. Unlike some of our competitors we have actively selected the fastest blockchain in the world at scale to give our players the best possible gaming and trading experience.

The in-game economy will be our PRGC token, a cross game utility token solution for all of ProtoReality Games titles going forward. It will initially provide the infrastructure for the economy of Derivative Outstation 119. Inside our flagship product it will enable the integration of entertainment, commerce, and communication.

This future proof implementation of Solana, within our dystopian explorative Play-&-Earn environment of DO119, will provide a world first in the RPG mobile gaming genre.

Benefits of the Utility Coin

  • In game token access – levels, progression, items, skins, mods, etc.
  • Facilitate in-game advertising
  • On ramp to different in game exchange capability – NFTs.
  • Earned/won virtual game assets through gameplay, allowing to own transport out of the game and sell it on the open market for a profit.
  • Ability to "off-game" the token – transfer them out on to exchange.
  • Ability to participate in community DAO.


What is the Total Fixed Supply and Current Breakdown of Tokens?

Total Fixed Supply : 1bn PRGC


What is the Vesting for all the Breakdown of the Tokens?

Each layer of the Token Breakdown has its own specific lock up and vesting